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Intuitive, agile, and secure.
Build family trees easily

Design and management of family trees focused on diseases of genetic origin

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Design and build
Design and build your own trees following the current standard - Standardized Human Pedigree Nomenclature (SHPN).
Assign MeSH standard clinical diagnoses and add relevant clinical information MeSH standard to each individual (demographics, tests, events, etc.).
Search our database, which uses nomenclature according to the HGVS standard, for genetic variants and associate them with your trees.
Display only the information you consider relevant. Activate the "anonymous" mode to hide sensitive data.
Export your trees in different formats to integrate them in the electronic clinical history or to analyze them with statistical software.


No installation needed: it only requires an Internet connection and an updated browser. Always updated and with immediate access to the latest software version. Access your trees from different devices and locations.


End-to-end encrypted data exchange. Encrypted storage of sensitive information. Compliant with European regulations on personal data protection. "Anonymous" mode available to hide sensitive data. Automatic backup copies.


Application oriented toward collaborative work. Create work teams with several users, share and manage your trees with your team, and manage roles and permissions for your team members.


Designed with the latest web-based technologies to enhance user experience and minimize the learning curve. Compliant with current standards such as Standardized Human Pedigree Nomenclature, MESH, HGVS, etc.